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The Benefits Of Using An Electric Fence

A simple electric fence is commonly used as a barrier to keep farm animals and wildlife safely inside and unwanted vermin or predators out of your property. The general opinion across the globe is that installing an electric fence is a cost-efficient, safe way to keep your animals safe. Electric fencing varies in size depending on the area it us being used to protect. You can surround an entire field with electric fencing or even a simple poultry net.

If an electric fence is built the correct way using the right electric fencing insulators, tape, rope and stakes, you will be able to reap the benefits almost immediately with the added protection that the electric fence provides. This is just one of the many reasons to add an electric fence to your property though, other reasons also include:

Are Electric Fences easy to install? Yes they are!

Electric Fences Are Easy To Build

Providing instructions are followed, no specialist knowledge is needed to erect an electric fence, and you shouldn’t need to enlist the help of an electrician either. Even more so on uneven terrain, the low wire tension and lighter construction demands of a fencing unit make erecting an electric fence a quick and easy job.

Low Maintenance Requirements

After the electric fence installation is complete and your animals and/or livestock have been properly trained, electric fence maintenance is not much different from a standard fence. You should perform a daily check on the electric fence’s voltage, ensuring it’s correct. Periodically check to see if the fence has any overgrown vegetation affecting it.

Electric Fences Are Flexible

One of the many electric fence benefits are that they can be moved quickly and effectively daily, allowing you to subdivide your grounds or paddocks for controlled grazing or simply for animal separation on dairy farms.

Electric Fences are durable and easy to maintain

They Are Durable & Last A Long Time

As an electric fence will tend to not be under the same amount of daily physical pressure from animals and livestock, they will naturally have an extended service life. This can be further enhanced by using an Electric Fencing Outrigger.

Electric Fences Are Low Cost

Depending on the area you need to cover with an electric fence and how much you can spread the energiser, the cost to install and maintain will generally be a cheaper option than stock fencing as it uses much fewer materials.

Are Electric fences safe for livestock? Yes they are.

Less Damage Too Livestock

There is no physical damage to pelts and hides from an electric fence. In the unfortunate event that natural elements (storms, wildfires) or wild animals force your stock through the fence, they are at much less risk than if you have barbed wire fencing which will cause hide tears and can incur costly vet bills.

At Richardson’s of Feckenham, we sell everything you need to maintain or install an electric fence on your property from leading electric fence brands such as Horizont and Hotline. This includes:

  • Electric Fence Energiser
  • Conductor Wire
  • Reels
  • Stakes & Posts
  • Insulators
  • Earth Stakes
  • Electric Fence Testers

Our friendly team can give you advice on electric fence installation and maintenance. For more information click here or contact us.