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Treat your sheep to a foam foot bath


The JFC Sheep Foam footbath offers a cost effective and less stressful alternative to traditional footbaths. The high density foam is easy to clean, stops splash back during treatment and helps preserve the solution by keeping debris on the surface. Unlike a traditional foot bath the appearance of a physical surface means that sheep will happily walk over the foam getting an even covering of the treatment on each hoof. This will reduce stress during treatment considerably for both the farmer and the sheep. The JFC sheep foam footbath can be rolled up and stored safely when not in use to save space.  

Key Features: 

  • Less Stress 

  • Debris easily swept off the surface between passes. 

  • Easy to clean. 

  • No splash back during passes 

  • Less Waste - On average 60 litres = 400 passes 

  • Reduce the spread of infection. 

  • Minimise solution waste. 

Now available at Richardsons of Feckenham

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