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JFC Tear Drop Corner Hay Feeder.

Tear Drop Corner Hay Feeder. (Blue)


The Tear Drop Corner Feeder is manufactured from tough, impact resistant polyethylene and has a smooth polished finish designed specifically for horse safety and ease of cleaning. The feeding partitions feature an innovative design to prevent excess feed spillage and waste and help to slow horses down while feeding. The JFC Corner Feeder comes complete with mounting holes which allows you to securely fit it to a stable corner, wall, or horsebox.  

The Benefits to using the Tear Drop Corner Hay Feeder are: 

  • Reduces the risk of ulcers. 

  • Reduces the secretion of stress hormone cortisol. 

  • Increases digestion. 

  • Minimises or alleviates boredom. 

  • Natural wear to teeth. 

  • Contributes to weight management. 

  • Decreases food aggression. 

  • Corner position saves space in the stable. 

Key Features: 

  • Slow feeding system. 

  • Very strong while also ensuring horse safety. 

  • Easy fill opening. 

  • Designed specifically for the care & management of horses. 

  • Reduces feed waste compared to traditional hay racks. 

  • Improves stable hygiene. 

  • Can also be fitted to horseboxes. 

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